About Us

About Us

We are passionate about eliminating food waste and creating a sustainable future. Currently a third of all food produced is wasted and the majority of this waste occurs at the consumer level. Reducing food waste is critical to avoid catastrophic impacts to the environment and our long term food security. Seefood was inspired by realising that whilst many of us are wanting to reduce our food waste and live more sustainably, it is becoming increasingly difficult due to us all having increasingly busy lifestyles. Food is often wasted because it is forgotten about and busy schedules leaves little time to think about how we can create tasty meals using the food we already have. Seefood has been developed to help people easily manage food and decide the next meal to cook anywhere through mobile phones.

Students hold the key to determining the fate of our Earth, which is why we developed the app specifically for students. Through Seefood we can create a strong food loving community and share our recipe and food saving knowledge to inspire others to create delicious recipes and reduce food waste. Collectively we can make a huge difference and develop a movement towards making a more sustainable planet!

Team Members

David Cook

Co-Founder and Business Development Director

Selomon Goitom

Co-Founder and Product Development Director

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